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    Epiqueline ® partnered with drirelease ® because they create innovative textile and apparel solutions which optimize human achievement. drirelease ® fabrics are not altered with chemicals of any kind, performance is permanent. It will not wash-out over time.

    The brilliance of drirelease ® fabrics is the engineered combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that allow them to engage with moisture naturally to dramatically improve how wetness is pulled from the skin and released into the air.

    PERFORMANCE THAT LASTS  - Chemically-treated performance fabrics loses the moisture wicking ability after several washes. Whereas our drirelease® fabric delivers everlasting wicking that will never wash off. 

    FASTEST DRYING PERFORMANCE FABRIC IN THE MARKET - It is known as one of the industry's highest standard of dryness. It drys up to four times faster than regular cotton. 

    EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE - All performance properties are built into every thread with a patented blend of 85-90% hydrophobic/synthetic (water-repelling) and 10-15% hydrophilic/natural (water absorbing) fibers. The combination of the two fibers pulls moisture and perspiration away from your skin and pushes it to the exterior of the fabric.

    KEEP ODOR AWAY - FreshGuard® is an odor neutralizer that is embedded in all drirelease® fabrics. The combination of the two minimizes odor creation and helps prevent odor from growing. 

    COMFORT IN MOTION - Four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body any movement you make.