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    Epique /e.pik/ adj
    1. Majestic: Having an impressive beauty or dignity
    2. Heroic: Brave and bold
    Line /līn/ n
    1. Fearless body
    2. Healthy path
    Epiqueline is about finding your path to success through a healthy lifestyle. We believe that health and wellness plays a vital role in striving for greatness.
    Our goal is to use the power of fitness to connect like-minded individuals who are constantly looking to improve their health and support the future of well-being. We seek to empower men and women in becoming the best version of themselves by integrating fitness, lifestyle, and fashion as the primary platform for social change.
    We believe that the more you push yourself at the gym, the happier you are outside the gym. Finding the right balance is extremely important and begins by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. #WeEpique
    So we set out to create products, events, and experiences that bring people together for a positive change.
    We are committed to the environment + ethical labor practices and making empowered choices to support communities in need that aligns with our ambition.